Illuminati End Times: finally a mind control program that proves to work for all of the population... is in fact nothing but BIG LIE Framework increased to maximum level.

July 15, 2005

Psyop technique to deny Illuminati control of politics, "justice", media, economy and "science".

Illuminati totally control politics, "justice", media, economy and "science".
Psy-op techniques to deny it include:
- doing or trying to do what's already done or has no relevance (in other words: what is nothing but theater).
- staged leaks.

Both techniques together give "A caught trying to influence/control/lobby/rig/etc B", where A and B are two illuminati controlled entities (A: people, organizations; B: additionally any events controlled by A).

Examples of this type of psy-ops (updated 28 Feb 2015)
Returned in first results from googling "Caught trying to rig/influence":

To deny that EVERY POLL is rigged:
Jeb Bush Caught trying to Rig the CPAC Poll

to deny that every voting event broadcasted by mass media is rigged, from Eurovision Song Festival to all BIG BROTHER type of "reality" shows:
Eurovision tightens rules after vote-rigging claims
New rules state that any broadcaster caught trying to influence voting could face a ban of up to three years.
Best of Big Brother: Top 10 BB moments
‘Nasty’ Nick Bateman is caught trying to influence eviction voting

To deny control of every mass media, also in the Web (except for anglic Google/youtube):
Microsoft caught trying to influence Wikipedia entries

To deny control of "justice":
Mr Sarkozy is alleged to have been caught trying to influence events in another judicial case concerning him,
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reelection campaign is being dogged by a growing corruption scandal of his own making. Cuomo (D) has been under fire for allegedly interfering with a commission he appointed to investigate public corruption. Further, his aides may have been caught trying to influence members of the commission to whitewash the governor’s role.

UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals what do illuminati TOTALLY control