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March 16, 2016

Expropriate ANYTHING ANYWHERE divert psy-ops

Figurative islands diverting from reality: from a stubborn chinese home owner living in the middle of a highway to Chicago urban farms.

March 7, 2017- Duterte is casted in yet another genocide milestone: not only first UN recognized government but also first one hosting US military bases to call for killing the poor.
A psy-op from the same day where parallelism goes beyond timing:
"Urban farms across America: A miracle in Chicago: If you consult the Chicago Urban Agriculture Directory, you find a staggering list of city farms and gardens where clean nutritious food is grown: ...
And this is only a partial list. The Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project has a much larger count, which includes private/residential gardens. Their total, which is constantly updated? 888.
For dummies:
It diverts from the ongoing termination of small farmers, part of the proclamation of global slavery.
The text is introduced by a sentence which is part of another agenda: start in America the process in which Philippines' Duterte was casted as pioneer:
to legalize extrajudicial (mass) executions alias genocide, introduced by the "war on drugs": "It turns out that gang killings and drugs are not the only markers of life and death in Chicago. Far from it."

Mar 7, 2017 - A miracle in Chicago
published Mar 6, 2016, 18 Stubborn Homeowners
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Duterte v Trump: from different extrajudicial contexts to now ALSO different stages