Illuminati End Times: finally a mind control program that proves to work for all of the population... is in fact nothing but BIG LIE Framework increased to maximum level.

February 11, 2008

Destroy logical reasoning Illuminati miracles for dummies

Destroy logical reasoning: the Heliocentric psy-op
Illuminati use psy-ops to destroy logical reasoning, a weapon used to control the population.
Most important is to make you accept that what you get is not what you see.
This was one of two basic reasons why the illuminati created Heliocentrism, the hoax that the earth is not the center of the universe, what we see turning around us (sun, moon, stars). 
Heliocentrism is "coincidentally" not only the first illuminati milestone for "Destroy logical reasoning" but also the first religious sect created by the illuminati for a global audience.

Classic Illuminati "miracles"
Hoaxes such as stellar parallax or missing link fossils were not originally created to specifically destroy logical reasoning.
But each time the audience perceives such "miracles" as true their capacity for logical reasoning is reduced.

Simulated reality in our times is the rule not the exception
One of the features of the last leg of Illuminati End Times: reality replaced with its simulation as much as possible [and beyond, served ad nauseum now, at the end of the show].
Note: this is required only until the BIG BANG, that will abruptly put an end to this simulated world with the launch of Global Genocide and official proclaimation of Global Slavery.

End Times Paradox: Digital miracles add a reversed dimension to "destroy logical reasoning"
Even before the digital age entered its mature stage, there were "miracles" created with software.
The ultimate example: the "airliners" added to the World Trade Center towers on 11 September 2011, making you believe that aluminium can cut through steel.
Digital "miracles" extend "destroy logical reasoning" with a possibility that is formulated as almost the reverse of the classic approach:
make you accept that what you see in a simulated reality, partly or totally created with computers, is what you get in the real world.
"Coincidentally" nothing illustrates this better than the TV documentaries, served non-stop mostly in "science" channels, from "dinossaurs in Jurassic Park" to "how our half-ape ancestors survived before they migrated from Africa".

Destroy logical reasoning - examples last updated March 2015
1. the fake Germanwings crash's first impact, is a satanic celebration but also deliberately packaged as this type of psy-op.
That's why garbage was dumped but NOT even one body and only ONE recognizable fuselage debris (the fact that it had the plane's number is nothing but mockery).
In other words: have the audience accept that bodies and planes can vaporize.

2. Syria: fake peace negotiations: - you can make peace with someone not only openly announcing but already openly executing a genocide.
It also illustrates a totally simulated reality, since one of the parts represents NOBODY among those fighting Assad's neo-Gestapo.
Same: Hitler and the Munich agreement 1938.
The same applies to Ukraine's nazi gov and the Minsk agreements (Seot 2004 and February 2015) but there's a difference: it's not only simulated reality.
The treasonous leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk could be used to save the nazi military in disarray. 

Illuminati miracles, from heliocentrism and evolution to Pluto and 9/11 airplanes: same as "election" results, observed only by illuminati eyes.
Hoaxes to disprove the Bible, give credibility to the religions and religious sects created by the iluminati for the human cattle and in the process also to destroy logical  reasoning:

Fake germanwings crash

End Times Paradoxes: Syria: fake peace negotiations staged to pass a message meant for everyone except for the people supposedly represented by one of the two parts at the table.
The message, alias "mind control", is also based on another psy-op technique:
- accept the unacceptable: accept someone executing a genocide as a partner at a table.

Feb 2015: Minsk ceasefire theater ...
... must be repeated: